Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Explanation Brainstorm

WALT: Brainstorm our explanation for our writing.
Hi, Today I was doing a brainstorming task based on writing, We had to choose a rapper, singer or author to talk about. We have to pursue our audience to listen to this person or read the books that this person has wrote. One thing I got out of this activity was improving my persuading skills, I think they have improved I wish to try to persuade you's in the future.
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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Number Of The Week

WALT think about a number in many different ways.
Today I was doing a maths activity because we had to self manage ourselves and pick a maths activity to finish so I chose number of the week. When your doing this activity you have to generate a number, whatever number you get, you have to solve a lot of problems using the number! Something I have learnt out of doing this activity was knowing that my maths is good, and knowing that I can go past my limits in maths learning:0
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Things I Noticed That I'm Doing Well On My Blog

WALT:  Look back at our past and remember how be cybersmart online especially when we are blogging!

  • When blogging it is important to remember to make sure your explanation isn't boring, have the WALT up and to ask for some feedback and feedforward.
  • On my own blog, I try really hard to always make the reader hooked to what I am working on and what I have under my work, for example having funny and high standard explanations.
  • Something I am going to try and remember to do in the future, when I post on my blog is all the things I learnt back in school such as making sure when I blog my writing is top quality!!

Hi! Today I am doing a blog post about things I noticed that I am doing well while I have been blogging.
A thing that I have noticed that is one of my strengths is explaining what I did while I was doing the activity, I think I am good at this because for me it is easy to explain things that I have just done and what I have learnt from doing the activity. Another thing I have noticed that I am very good at is asking for feedforward and feedback also a comment! By reading my work I hope you have understood how to blog properly and maybe you have learnt how I like to blog. So maybe you should take some advice from my piece of writing and try it on your own blog post. Thank you for reading!!!

Friday, 24 February 2017

Maori Numbers Task

WALT use a value of numbers using the Maori counting system.
Today I was doing a Maori activity with my buddy Joe. We had to generate numbers from a site and then explain how to say those numbers in Maori and english.For me it was an easy task because I got through it quickly even though I had numbers that were in hundreds and stuff.
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Friday, 17 February 2017

Describing Monsters In Te Reo Maori T1W3

WALT: describe different body parts in te reo Maori.
Today I was completing a task that was based on describing the looks of a monster in the maori language. We were given list of maori words that we could us to describe the monster we were describing, it was fun doing this activity and I hope to do more work like this later on in the year.
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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Camp Task Reflection

Hi Today I was doing an activity related to a camp we went to. I had to complete task that were set up for me I tried my hardest I know I did good in these tasks and completed them well. They were interesting but I managed to get through by thinking hard, I followed the instructions and well as I could and I made it through. When I was completing these I had a little trouble then had to stop and think for a while. Doing these activities made me engaged to the task and i just couldn't stop doing it. I enjoyed doing these task and hope to do some more like this.
WALT: Write a reflection about the task we completed throughout our Student Camp Booklet.
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Blooms Taxonomy - Ancient Crocidile

WALT: use Bloom's Taxonomy to critically summarize a current event.
Today I was working with my buddy bruce and we were working on a task where you have to use your summarizing skills to answer the questions. It was hard at times and easy too but we managed to finish.
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